Meet the Owner

Tara Manzke

Hi, I’m Tara - the owner of Bria Bella & Co.

A lot of people ask me if Bria Bella & Co. is a chain - No, It is not. Others have asked me if I have a background or a degree in fashion - Nope, I don’t. So then how did Bria Bella & Co. become what it is today? Well, after spending years (my entire career actually) working in various positions throughout the corporate world, I knew there was way more I could be doing that would allow me the opportunity to have bigger impact on others around me. While I loved my career, I faced a huge decision - Do I keep doing what I’m doing or do I take a giant leap into the unknown and try something new? Well we know what happened next - I made the scariest decision of my life & left the only career I had known to go on this Incredible entrepreneurial journey! In June of 2017, I went “all in” and opened Bria Bella & Co., a women’s clothing and accessories boutique in Downtown Stevens Point, WI.

One could say I followed a dream with hopes it would all work out, and to some extent that would be true. However, to me this is so much more than just following a dream. My biggest motivator in all of this is making a difference in the lives of others. All along, Bria Bella & Co., which in it’s literal translation means “Strong Beautiful”, has been something that I envision as an avenue to reach even more people. Through this journey, I hope to empower & help guide all women to see their own true strength and beauty.

Bria Bella & Co. was created to be (and I truly believe it is) more than your typical clothing store. My goal is for every woman that comes into my store to have an experience that is both informative, personal and FUN. "Strong, Beautiful, You." It isn't just a slogan or a tagline - it's a vision.

Stay Strong. Stay Beautiful. Stay YOU.

- Tara